Introducing our new

Enrollment Platform

This year, we are using UKG self service for enrollments. Learn more below.

How to Get Started

Introducing your new employee benefits enrollment portal.

  1. To sign up: Login into UKG Pro on a desktop or computer at
    User Name: Initial of first name and last name>four “0000”>Employee ID #
    Default/Temporary Password: Your birth date MMDDYYYY
    Note: You will be required to change your password when you log into UKG Pro for the first time.
  2. Select Get Started to begin your Open Enrollment Elections.
    Note: You have until November 17th to make your elections.
  3. Review your profile and ensure the information is correct>scroll down and select Next: Review My Family
  4. Add any family members whom you plan to cover in your benefits. Family includes Spouse, Domestic Partner, and Children (by birth, adoption, or marriage)>select Next: Shop for Benefits when you have added family
  5. Select Shop for Benefits to review each benefit>elect or waive the plans
    Note: All plans must be reviewed in order to proceed with checkout.
  6. Add Beneficiary Information to your life plan (basic and voluntary life> Name, relationship, address, and allocation required)
  7. Once beneficiary information is added>click Checkout
  8. Congratulations, your open enrollment is complete> Print the page for your records or Email your confirmation

What If I Need Help?

  • Don’t know your User Name? Contact your local HR for help.
  • Forgot your password? Please click “Forgot Your Password” under the login screen. You will need to enter your User Name or enter the access code along with your User Name. If you received a reset link by email, please follow those instructions.
  • For Enrollment Assistance: Call (855) 557-1467 | 6am - 5pm PST M-F.

Enroll Now!

  • This year enrollment will be “Passive,” which means if no action is taken, all benefits will roll over to 2024 (except FSA and HSA enrollment).
  • FSA and HSA enrollment requires an election to participate in pre-tax payroll deductions in 2024.
  • New voluntary pet insurance plan offered through MetLife.
  • As life events occur, take this opportunity to verify your beneficiary information.
  • Employee supplemental life options are changing to increments of $5,000.
  • If currently enrolled, the change to increase to next $5,000 will be automatic with no evidence of insurability (EOI) required.
  • If enrolling for first time or increasing benefits beyond the next $5,000, EOI will be required.

A Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) has been designed to assist you with better understanding the coverage being offered to you, and to allow you to compare coverage options. The SBC is available on A paper copy is also available, free of charge, by calling 1-855-557-1467.

Ajinomoto Foods permits insurers to offer employees of Ajinomoto Foods certain voluntary insurance programs. Whether you choose to enroll in any of these programs is completely optional and voluntary. Ajinomoto Foods does not make a contribution towards the cost of these programs and employees pay the full cost of premiums on an after-tax basis. Ajinomoto Foods does not sponsor, maintain, endorse, recommend, or promote these voluntary programs. Ajinomoto Foods' involvement regarding these voluntary insurance programs is strictly limited to allowing the insurer access to employees to publicize these programs and Ajinomoto Foods may perform certain ministerial functions such as payroll deduction and forwarding employee premium payments to the insurer. Ajinomoto Foods does not receive any consideration in the form of cash or otherwise in connection with the program, other than reasonable compensation, excluding any profit, for administrative services actually rendered in connection with payroll deductions. Accordingly, these voluntary insurance programs are not subject to ERISA and related regulations. All questions or claims regarding these programs should be directed to the insurer.

All benefit plans are governed by master policies, contracts, and plan documents. In the event of any inconsistency between the information contained herein and the applicable plan documents, the provisions of the plan documents shall prevail. Ajinomoto Foods reserves the right to amend, suspend or terminate any benefit plan, in whole or in part, at any time. The authority to make such changes rests with the Plan Administrator.

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